The Little Therapy Room is an independent psychology service for children and young people aged between 0 and 17 years and their families. You may want to see a psychologist when you feel worried about your child or the family as a whole, especially if problems are beginning to impact on home, school, relationships or the quality of life.


Why see a psychologist?

We all experience stress and emotional difficulties at some point in our lives, as with physical health problems, getting help for these early on is a healthy way to manage and prevent problems deteriorating further.


A psychologist has training to a doctoral level in a variety of therapeutic models, therefore they have many therapeutic “tools” (which have been researched and evidenced) to tailor treatment to a child and their family’s individual needs. A Clinical Psychologist can help young people make sense of how emotional problems come about, what triggers them and to help find solutions to manage them. More information about Clinical Psychologists can be found on:



What to expect

At the Little Therapy Room you and your child will be offered a friendly, welcoming space to talk privately through any difficulties you wish to discuss. We will explore the effect these have on your child, the family and your life together. Sometimes this is done with the young person on their own or a combination of parents and family members based on preference and the nature of the difficulties.


When you contact the service, via email ([email protected]) Dr Wilson will arrange a brief phone call where you will be asked a few questions about your current situation and the difficulties you and your child are experiencing. This initial conversation will determine if our service is appropriate in helping you and your child move forward. As Dr Wilson works with a number of highly experinced associates, who specialise in key areas of mental health, she will discuss with you who may be able to meet you and your child's needs.


You will then be offered an assessment session which can last up to an hour and a half or longer depending on what needs to be discussed. The assessment allows a Clinical Psychologist to look at a young person’s development over time, the family history and the present difficulties and strengths within the family to develop something called a formulation. This is how a Clinical Psychologist understands how problems have manifested and allows them to plan how best to work with you.  You will then be offered regular therapy sessions, anything from weekly through to monthly.  The typical course of therapy is between 6 and 15 sessions (depending on the complexity) and each session lasts approximately an hour.


If during the course of the work, further support is needed then you will be advised and asked whether you would like a referral to be made to alternative services or if further treatment is useful. As this is not a crisis management service, in the event of a crisis, please contact your general practitioner.



Information for Parents

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