The Little Therapy Room is a psychology service specialising in anxiety-based difficulties, mood disorders and behavioural difficulties in young people aged between 0 and 17.


A clinical psychologist can offer teaching, regular supervision and consultation to support school staff (Pastoral care, Teaching Assistants, Special Educational Needs Coordinators and school Counsellors) in managing the emotional needs of children and the impact of difficulties on their behaviour within school.


Examples of the topics that could be discussed in a consultation:




Information for Schools

  • Managing challenging behaviour

  • Supporting young people who are experiencing difficulties such as:


If you are concerned about a specific child who is not meeting their potential and is showing signs of distress these can be discussed anonymously to determine the best course of action.


Alternatively, if you have parental consent then a Clinical Psychologist can carry out a direct assessment and offer advice and support within the school context.


Should you wish to discuss a referral, consultation or teaching session please contact Dr Naira Wilson.

- Anxiety

- Low mood/depression

- Obsessive compulsive disorder

- Self-harm

- Eating difficulties

- Attachment based difficulties

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