People’s experiences of The Little Therapy Room:




"When I first spoke to Naira our daughter was in a dreadful state of anxiety - not eating, sleeping and fearful of doing anything that involved leaving the house or me. She had been prone to worry since she was a toddler but the anxiety really set in about two years ago when she became aware she was not keeping up with her peers at school. We tried self help books and relaxation but nothing seemed to help. She then developed a fear of vomiting (emetophobia) and was terrified she might either be ill herself or witness someone else vomiting when she was away from home. She seemed frozen in fear, constantly tearful and this had a huge impact on her siblings as well as her parents. When we met Naira my daughter instantly relaxed because nothing she told Naira seemed to shock or surprise her and we all felt there was hope. Naira’s calm and uplifting approach inspired us to start to tackle this anxiety in small steps using a variety of resources. She also helped me understand how my protective approach to my daughter over the previous two years may have contributed to her separation anxiety. We are now settled in a new school, my daughter has made good friends and I can see her old fun loving nature is now shining through again. We no longer have tears in the morning and approach the day with a sense of challenge. My daughter understands that anxiety is likely to remain a part of her life forever but she is now willing to face her fears. We could not have done this without Naira’s help and I would encourage anyone whose child is showing signs of escalating anxiety to seek help from her. We are extremely grateful".



Young Person aged 10

“I felt really worried and anxious but Naira helped me and how I feel so much better than I did before. Now I know that I am not the only one that has felt like this before”



Young Person

“When I was 13, I was really struggling with anxiety, and had been for some time. My mum persuaded me to get some help.


I feel really lucky to have found Naira's help at that time; she really understood what I was going through and how I felt. Naira was really easy to talk to, non-judgemental, and kind. She completely knew how to tackle my problems. It was such a relief. Naira empowered me to take control of my anxiety, which I am still able to do.


Looking back I am so grateful to have found the support I needed so I could get on with living my life. I feel so differently about things now. I couldn't recommend Naira highly enough. She changed my life”.




“It is a very scary thing to watch your child being consumed by anxiety. I went to Naira for help because I was watching my daughter becoming more and more controlled by anxiety and I didn't know how to help. We went to Naira for 6 sessions. I sat in all of the sessions which was really helpful as I learnt, alongside my daughter, what anxiety is, and how to get it back under control. Having seen the impact, such a small amount of therapy can have, I would strongly recommend seeking professional help, to nip unhelpful patterns of thinking in the bud. Naira is a brilliant practitioner and put simply she transformed my daughter's life. Knowing she is there is a great source of comfort to me, but thankfully 3 years on we haven't needed to return”.




"Naira helped my son and me to make a lot of progress in a very short time to address serious difficulties in our home life. She established a real bond with my son and gave us both the opportunity to talk frankly, to listen and to learn.  What I particularly appreciated was her ability to pinpoint issues, to provide explanations and to suggest practical ways of addressing them. Our relationship is getting ever increasingly better as a result".



Young Person

“I went to Dr Naira Wilson nervous, hesitant and sceptical as to how therapy would help with my anxiety. Before the sessions I suffered from existential anxiety and fear surrounding my place in the universe; worrying a lot about why there even is reality or any existence at all scared me hugely. I heard about Naira through a friend and decided to give it a whirl. Naira was the epitome of calm, I immediately felt better. The first session opened my eyes to how to handle my anxiety via the wonderfully simple and effective techniques she taught me and after a few sessions I was good enough at them to handle the fears on my own. I am now fully independent in handling not just those existential fears but any worry or anxiety that befalls me all thanks to the help of Dr Naira Wilson”.



Young Person

“Thank you so much for helping me. Ever since we spoke, I have been getting much better. I don’t worry that much anymore. Talking to you and all the calming techniques that you showed me really helped. Thanks a lot!”




“I can wholeheartedly recommend the therapy provided by Dr Naira Wilson. She inspired our confidence from the word go – I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job.


Her approach combines her considerable professional expertise and experience with a humane and approachable style that create a very ‘safe’ place to talk.  By meeting the whole family first she makes parents feel right from the start that she is supporting not only the individual but everyone who loves the young person needing help so it becomes a team effort.  Ultimately though she works skilfully and hard to equip her patient with the tools to challenge and overcome their own problems and this is done in a spirit of trust, privacy and respect.  


It can be frightening and distressing to witness your son or daughter going through any kind of mental distress but I would look at the time my son spent having therapy as a life changing time that has ultimately made him stronger and happier”.



Parent of child aged 9 with post traumatic stress disorder

"Naira's astute diagnosis and simultaneously empathetic, co- ordinated and perceptive support for our child has made an incalculably positive difference to all our lives. An entrenched and consuming anxiety has lifted enabling her to become her best self again. As Naira gained the trust of our unsettled little soul she was able to bring her to reconcile fears and to enjoy the world more fully. As parents we also felt supported and guided, itself a blessed relief after feeling we had been struggling alone. A truly wonderful outcome."



Parent of child aged 6

"Our family witnessed a traumatic ordeal nearly 3 years ago when our son was only just 4. We were all very shaken for some time after this and we made the decision not to talk about it in front of our son in the hope he would forget it happened.

Fast forward 2 and a half years, and the school mentioned that they have seen some changes in his behaviour and were concerned that maybe this event was playing its part in this.

We as parents had noticed a few worries creeping in but we were trying to put these down as just normal six year old worries.

We spoke in depth if we thought therapy for our child was over the top and we were over dramatising it, as he was not extreme in any way shape or form, but we both knew we were not willing to take the risk. We were both sure that If he needed therapy to overcome this trauma, then we were going to sort it early, before it had the chance to really get a grip on him.

This is a decision we will never regret. Not only is our son happier and more confident, he has learnt what to do when he worries about things. We have also learnt some amazing parenting tools, so if at any point we need to discuss tricky situations then as parents we also feel confident to deal with them.

This service is worth its' weight in gold."



Young Person aged 6

"I want to thank Naira for making my worries go away. I felt nervous when I first came, but I felt much better at the end."



Parent of 11 year old with an eating disorder

"Alarm bells had been ringing for a few weeks, our 11yr old daughter had begun to avoid ice cream, crisps and anything she deemed as 'junk food'. But when she actually said 'i won't eat this because it will make me fat'  we really panicked. From that point, my daughter seemed to go downhill quickly, in a matter of a couple of weeks her weight began to drop dramatically. She was withdrawn, unable to concentrate, she was unrecognisable as our daughter- it was so scary. She also began to describe the anorexic 'voice' telling her she was fat. We were frantic and receiving advice from well meaning friends and family such as 'dont worry, it's a fad, she'll grow out of it' and 'dont draw attention to it you will make it worse and she might actually get anorexia'. I trawled the internet for help, something inside me kept saying, this isn't a fad it's serious and if we pretend it's not happening we are going to be in trouble. I found Naira's website and called her- she was the first person to say, you need to act now, do not leave it another day. Your daughter is poorly and you all need help. Naira was warm, kind and her advice was clear and powerful. We took our daughter to her gp the next day, where he confirmed a 20% weight loss. We also met with Naira, but sadly for us our daughter had lost too much weight so we had to be referred to the central CAMHS team. Naira helped us get the urgent referral and for that we cannot thank her enough. Naira's early intervention and firm instructions in our first session halted the downward spiral and for the first time in weeks we felt we had some control over the anorexia. The speed in which an eating disorder can take hold is unbelievable. If you notice your child restricting food, don't ignore it, get help. Our daughter is recovering well now, but I often think about how different the outcome would undoubtedly have been if we hadn't found Naira."



Parent of 11  year old

"We were very fortunate to be referred to Dr Wilson.  She has been so helpful to our family, understanding and treating our child's anxiety.  Our child suffered a trauma in an accident several years ago, which we thought we had addressed with some PTSD therapy at the time.  But our child began experiencing anxiety again a few years on.  Dr. Wilson worked with us to understand what was happening now at home, and diagnose our child and begin working with us.  She was gentle and engaging, and our child felt immediately comfortable with her.  The tools she introduced us to were a good fit for our child and we have found them to be very useful to combat the night time anxiety and slowly address the underlying issues.  Dr Wilson's kind and understanding nature made the process of working together over several months such a positive experience.  We're grateful for the support and will continue to touch base in the future as needed."



Young Person aged 11

"Dr Naira really helped me and made me fight my fears. She always made the session with her fun but at the same time they really helped me. Dr Naira taught me tricks to fight my anxiety. During the session I learned that my brain tells me things that aren't real but with the help from Naira I can be stronger and know that I don't need to be afraid of those thing that aren't real. At the start of the sessions with her I was about 70% anxious about several different things, but at the end I was 10% anxious and I keep working on it as the time goes by. She makes complicated things a lot less complicated. For example hippocampus turned to be my hippo!! It has been outstanding and I really recommend starting with Naira!...she is so so helpful."  



Parent of 12 year old

“The persistence of the issues that faced our 11 year old surprised me as we came to terms with the fact that not only was there something wrong but also that our experience would not help us to make them better.  As a result of a difficult school life, ensuing anxiety and tendencies towards perfection, they developed a form of OCD which displayed itself as a fear of poo and the ability to become ill through being in contact with it.  Naira was strong yet sympathetic, encouraging yet tough and she guided us through a CBT process with compassion and firmness ensuring that our child did their ‘homework’ supported by our family,  Most importantly she enabled them to learn how to overcome their compulsions on their own, giving them tools to help themselves now and in the future.  She also helped us in thinking about why these symptoms had occurred and how to cope with the underlying issues moving forwards.  9 months ago I could not see forwards through the pain they were feeling and now we all feel as if a cloud has lifted."



Young Person aged 14

“I have previously struggled with anxiety, I had noticed my anxiety was getting increasingly worse so I thought it would be best to review the situation. I accomplished eliminating anxiety in my life again with 2 more top up sessions, these were around 4 months apart. The first one to review my situation and discuss tactics to help, and the second to confirm and build upon these.  Just 2 hours has managed to save me so much stress and has helped me learn how to cope in the future, especially with work at school. I found it was very important to see Naira again after noticing my anxiety coming back, and i believe it’s important to deal with this to prevent it developing into anything worse. These top up sessions, despite being small, helped me reassure and remind myself that I have the capability to overcome anxiety.“



Young Person aged 12

"I first came to Dr Wilson with what I would have called high anxiety, and both me and my family knew that I needed some assistance in order to get over this anxiety. However, now after my last session with Dr Wilson, I can most confidently say that I am anxiety free and only worry when anxiety is needed. I can assure everybody that if you focus in her therapy sessions, take her advice and use it, you WILL over come this anxiety."


"To all my fellow teens/children I know that having anxiety sucks, and I know it feels terrible, as I too have had to deal with anxiety. Just know you are not alone and there are so many others like you and me who have anxiety, and that you do not have to be ashamed. This is not going to be easy in any way, but just know that Dr Wilson knows what she's doing and has helped me be able to get on with my life stress free. Do listen to her and do not think that the only work needed is going to be inside sessions, you must work outside of classes in everyday life and practice skills she teaches, as if you do not things will only get more challenging and you will still have the problem you are dealing with. Dr Wilson has made me live life happily without anxiety kicking every day."



Parent review of 17 year old with an eating disorder

“My daughter had been suffering from an eating disorder for a couple of years. We decided to contact Naira to see if she could help, having already tried the NHS system and another therapist. Since having time with Naira, the changes in my daughter have been profound. She has emerged with a strong sense of self worth, determination and belief in herself. This had been dormant for several years and Naira unearthed it when I had feared this might never be possible. My daughter has been so empowered and rebooted that she recommended that her elder sister see Naira too! I am very grateful to Naira. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone who needs help for their teenage child.”



Parent of 5 year old

"We found Naira's advice and support invaluable. We visited her with our 4 year son who had been through a very traumatic time in hospital, which had resulted in severe anxiety problems that were effecting the entire family. Naira suggested a few amazing tools we could use with him, a couple being:

A worry box, where we wrote all his worries down, then posted them when they were no longer a worry.

A feelings chart, so he could really communicate how he was feeling about situations that caused anxiety.


She also got him to draw how he was feeling which resulted in a worry monster, he named Toasty. We now have something tangible that we can talk to him about whenever Toasty Monster rears his head.


Naira has a wonderful approach to both children and their parents. I can not recommend her therapy sessions highly enough if you have little ones that are struggling with the world. She will work wonders on them and you and your parenting skills."



Parent of 7 year old

"We were recommended Dr Naira Wilson through a friend as we were experiencing behavioural issues with our seven year old boy.  Our son was experiencing impulsive outbursts of emotion, not in an angry way, but in what seemed like a cry for help.  He would crawl under the desk at school, refuse to do work, throw random items that were to hand, play the clown in class and generally put everyone on edge due to his unpredictability. Naira was able to help us stand back and look at the bigger picture.  She was able to help us identify trigger points and strategies for dealing with his stress.  She helped us see that this was ultimately down to security and self esteem issues following separation trauma early in life (our son was adopted at seven months) and how these emotions had been triggered by our recent house move.  However, she also helped us rule out some other concerns we had by recommending tests for Autism and ADD and discussing other options and paths we could follow.  In doing so, Naira helped us look at how we reacted to our son, control our own emotions and give us the tools for moving forward so that we could all benefit and become more settled again.  This has been a difficult journey for all of us, and still is, but thanks to Naira's help, we now feel it is a positive one."




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